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I am a great great great granddaughter of Christian Heer, came from Germany in 1842, bringing is older three sons, Peter, Christian and Henry as well as his second wife, Christine Heer and their three children; David H., Daniel and Christiana. All settled in Galena, Illinois soon afterward. As for Christian's children born to his first wife, Magdalena Neuschwanger, Christian Jr., before 1860 left for California for new prospects, never to return, he died in 1898 after committing suicide.  Henry married Christina Whitt and moved to Cloud County, Kansas, they had two son, neither having any children. One son, William "Billy" Heer, made it big in skeet shooting, traveling all over the country. He almost made it to the Olympics but the "NO" semi=professionals allowed rule newly in place stopped him.
Peter, served in the civil war, died in 1889 and is married in the Miner's cemetery in Galena, IL.
A sister, Elizabeth, surname unknown stayed in Germany, no more in known of her.
Of Christian's second marriage to Christine Horsch, together they had 3 children, all born in Germany. Daniel, born c1836, it is probable he died in a TB outbreak in the mid 1850s in Galena, burial is unknown to the family.  Christiana Heer, born 1840, she married Christian Neuschwanger, her cousin as well as her father's nephew.  Christian were staying with them as of 1850, and in 1857 they married, they had several children with only one a daughter living to adulthood, Mary Amanda Neuschwanger. Mary married William Dower and had 2 daughters.  In 1905, they in addition to Mary's mother, who had been widowed in 1881 moved to California.
David H. Heer, the last of Christian and Christine (Horsch) children, is my great great grandfather. He married Martha Evans in April of 1857 a few short months before his sister Christiana married Christian in July 1857.

I am a great great granddaughter of David of Galena, IL and Baden, Germany, great granddaughter of Walter of Winona, MN, granddaughter of Raymond N. of Chicago, IL/Tucson, AZ and a surviving daughter of Raymond M. Heer of Chicago, IL.  This page is covers everyone in my family large family including in-laws, so I have limited information about myself so as not to overshadow my ancestors. 

Please check out a new page I added on the Neuschwanger Family, I have recently received new information regarding my great great great grandfather and his first wife Margaretha Neuschwanger and her family.

This site is about the history and genealogy of my family.  I have families that came from Germany, Ireland, Sweden and Wales. 

My surnames include;
Heer/Herr, Evans, Haush/Hausch, White, Gallagher, Burton, Yeaman, Woods, Vienhage/Vinhage, Faderl, Ritter, Parkins, Bonjour, Cliff, Neuschwanger, Dower, Vatter, Felling, Fitzgerald, Hannifin/Hannafin, Gaffney, O'Connell, Bostock, Bostwick, Bolduc/Balduc, Norman/Normand, Fernet, Boudreau, Connor, Lagasse/Lagace, Gagnon, Madson, Hegberg, Howarth, Hughes, Jones,  Kemmer, Long, Madore, Millhouse, Oliver, Passmore, Pawley, Price, Renwick, Sarbaugh, Sincock, Speckerman, Stage, Temple, Tiffany, Vanderheyden, Wearing, Zahrndt, and many more.

Thank you for your patience while I add new information.